Arkansas Handgun Classes

Richard Jackson, Instructor
Arkansas CHCL instructor # 15-1122......NRA Certification #207375306


The Private Concealed Handgun Carry program, offered by Arkansas Handgun Classes, is designed to recognize each individuals level of handgun knowledge while complying with the Arkansas CHCL training requirements.

The Handgun Safety, Selection, Operation and Cleaning class works on the same concept, without the State Concealed Carry rules and regulations portion

One class does not fit all!!
Classes offered

  • Arkansas "Concealed Handgun Carry" license.
  • Arkansas CHCL renewal.
  • Arkansas "Enhanced" CHCL
  •  Handgun Safety, Selection, Operation and Cleaning.
Private Classes Only
All  Concealed  Handgun Carry classes are done on a private class basis with a maximum number of students per session of four

    Unless utherwise arranged, Classes are conducted in Bella Vista, Arkansas, with the live-fire portion at the Bella Vista outdoor gun range.

    The classroom portion is presented in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, utilizing video and hands-on demonstration of the proper and safe operation of various handguns.

What does the "Standard"CHCL class Include?

Material covered in the class includes:

  • Handgun identification, safety and operation, with "Hands-on" demonstration.
  • Selection and use of proper ammunition.
  • The importance of "Mental Awareness in Public".
  • A discussion on "Avoiding Victimization at Home".
  • Arkansas Laws and Regulations regarding the use of a handgun.
  • Encounters with Law Inforcement.
  • Illustration and discussion of methods of "Carring Concealed".
  • Recognition of your CHCL by other states.
  • How to file your CHCL application to the State.
  • At the range, the session will cover proper gun handleing, shooting positions and aiming.

Upon completion of the class you will receive your "Certificate of Training" which, along with two completed fingerprint cards, is to be submitted to the Arkansas State Police for processing.....State fees vary depending upon the age of the applicant.

Age 64 and younger: $142.11                 Age 65 and above, $90.61

"Enhanced" Concealed Handgun Carry License (E-CHCL)
For information regarding benefits  / rules /code / fees.
contact Richard at the phone number and/or email address below

Class Time and Fees

Classes begin at 9:00am (10:00am and 1:00pm for renewals) and are scheduled on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Other days available upon request, when possible.

The average class takes 6 hours, + /-, depending on student needs and handgun knowledge. Renewals take between one and two hours.

Private "Standard" or "Enhanced" Concealed Handgun Carry class:
$110.00 per single and/or $95.00 per individual with two or more.

Arkansas CHCL renewal:
$45.00 per single and/or $35.00 per individual with two or more.

Handgun safety,selection, operation and cleaning:
$90.00 per single and/or $75.00 per individual with two or more.

Combination of "Standard" and "Enhanced"...Back to Back
$200.00 per single and/or $185.00 per individual with two or more.

For Additional information or to schedule a class contact Richard, at:

Phone: (479) 981-2705

[email protected]